Here's our Story:

It All Started in 2018,

When a group of coffee enthusiast came together with a dream; to create a coffee shop that not only serves exceptional coffee, but also inspires positive energy and puts a smile on people's faces. And so, ARAH coffee was born.

From the very beginning, it was important for us to create a lively and energetic atmosphere in our coffee shops. We have chosen to call our employees “Energista” as they are not only baristas but also bearers of positive energy. We believe that by exuding warm attitude, our energistas can create a warm and friendly environment for our customers.

Central to our brand is a deep intent to serve the spirit of ARAH. Our brand represents the direction we are striving, the path to happiness and the positive energy we wish to share with the world. Infusing every cup of coffee with our ARAH spirit, we strive to brighten people’s day and leave an everlasting impression.

One of our greatest achievements is becoming the first KOPSU destination in Indonesia. KOPSU is an Indonesian coffee with milk. We’ve perfected the art of blending Indonesian beans with creamy milk to create a smooth, delicious beverage that our customers love. With every sip of our KOPSU, you can feel the richness of our heritage and the love we put into every cup.

But we are more than just a café. We serve as a catalyst for positive change and a meeting place for those committed to living a more joyful and tolerant lifestyle. We value people who challenge the status quo and work to make a positive impact in their communities. With ARAH Coffee, we want to inspire and support these changemakers and fuel their businesses with the same energy and passion that is in every cup we serve.

Our slogan “See the Goodness” perfectly sums up the essence of what ARAH Coffee stands for. We invite everyone to look beyond the surface and discover the good in all aspects of life. It’s not just about the coffee itself; It’s about the bonds we form, the smiles we share, and the joy we find in life’s simpler pleasures. ARAH Coffee offers an opportunity to experience the goodness that is present in every moment.